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Young Frankenstein

April 25

April 25th 7:00pm

Presented by The Asheville Film Society

Of the many pointless and circuitous debates we’ve engaged in here at the Asheville Film Society over the years, one of the most intractably argued might be: “What’s the best Mel Brooks movie?” The answers typically include Blazing Saddles or The Producers, with wild cards like The Twelve Chairs thrown in the mix (High Anxiety is occasionally mentioned, but probably just to piss me off). One film that always finds its way into contention for the top spot is Young Frankenstein, one of the early progenitors of the horror/comedy hybrid that has become so popular of late. The script, co-written by Brooks and star Gene Wilder, boasts some of the best one-liners in the career of either, and while many of the gags were ad-libbed, enough was present on the page to earn the duo an Oscar nod in the adapted screenplay category (they lost to The Godfather Part II — go figure). Inspired by the classic Universal horror cycle, specifically the five (!) Frankenstein movies that preceded it, Wilder and Brooks crafted a love letter to the genre with a sardonic wit sharp enough to make Abby Normal laugh and enough atmosphere to make Hans Delbrück scream. This one holds up better than many comedies of its era, and every great comedy benefits from being seen on the big screen, with a big audience — so be sure to join us for our special screening.

Scott Douglas - Asheville Film Society

Profiles in Quiet Courage

May 2nd

May 2nd 7:00pm

Black Mountain filmmaker, Carolyn Crowder's At The River: Profiles in Quiet Courage, is an 11-part documentary profile series about the stands Presbyterian ministers took during the Civil Rights Era in the Deep South. Four of these profiles, Wallace Alston (Auburn, Alabama), Eade Anderson (Greenwood, Mississippi), Bob Walkup (Starkville, Mississippi) and Robert Miller (Tuskegee, Alabama) will be screened at The Fine Arts Theatre on Thursday, May 2nd at 7pm.

For more information about the project visit-

Tickets $10 and are available at the Fine Arts Theatre box office, or online here- Tickets

A Katie Damien Film

May 9th

May 9th 7:00pm

A demon with an existential crisis and an angel with PTSD team up to save the career of a washed-up rocker.

Demon, Kyle, is a stabber on the third level of hell. He knows his business. But when he starts wondering about the nature of life and death, his superiors shut him up and send him to the "Angel in Training Program."

Angel, Mezudio, has been around a very long time-so long that he developed PTSD and goes catatonic at the sight of blood. Relegated to feeding parking meters and cleaning up dog poop, Mezudio is afraid to trying anything new, but his boss has other ideas. Mezudio is charged with training the stabber, Kyle to be a good angel and earn his wings...or at least stop stabbing everyone.

Katie Damien is an Asheville based award winning Writer, Director, Photographer, and Producer. Support local film making, get your tickets today!

Tickets $10 and are available at the Fine Arts Theatre box office, or online here- Tickets

Movie Line: 828.232.1536

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