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Shadow of a Wheel

June 8

June 8th 7:00

"Shadow Of A Wheel" is a documentary film by Paul Bonesteel. Can one bike ride change your life? That is a question posed by Asheville filmmaker Paul Bonesteel’s latest documentary film, “Shadow of a Wheel” in the story of 31 teenagers who embark on a dramatic adventure, an attempt to ride bikes across the United States in the summer of 1982 to benefit Multiple Sclerosis. With its roots in Hickory, North Carolina, where one man set out to find a group of North Carolina teenagers who would raise money, train, and then ride as “Spokesmen of America” telling the country about Multiple Sclerosis. It became a coming-of-age challenge, pitting mostly novice bikers against the deserts, mountains, cities and endless miles of highways, and each other. They experienced a summer filled with humor, mishaps, personal discovery and tragedy. The film is a journey back in time, with a broad range of riders reflecting back on the experience amplified by long-lost VHS footage, photographs, and period music. It is also a powerful look into many of their lives and minds today and the life-time repercussions of this event. The filmmaker, Paul Bonesteel was one of the 31 kids, and the film is a personal memoir of sorts as well as a reflection on this group experience. “The summer of 1982 was life-changing. With many of the effects playing out over the course of our lives, not just that summer. It’s a fun and fascinating look back at it and the era, and so relevant to how we are raising kids today.” Bonesteel’s previous notable works include “Muni” a story about race dynamics on a Southern golf course, “The Day Carl Sandburg Died” a PBS American Master’s film, and “The Mystery of George Masa”, the story of a unique Japanese photographer in 1920’s Appalachia.

Watch the trailer here-
Shadow of a Wheel Trailer

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