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We encourage masking and social distancing. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please visit us another time. We have implemented this policy to protect our staff and customers alike.

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Classic Horror

Oct 14-Oct 27

October 2022

See Four of the All Time Classics on the Big Screen!

Watch the trailer here-
The Shining Trailer

Watch the trailer here-
The Exorcist Trailer

Watch the trailer here-
Halloween Trailer

Watch the trailer here-
The Thing Trailer

Tickets are $5, and are available at the Fine Arts Boxoffice or Online Here- Tickets

Movie Line: 828.232.1536

Admission Prices:

$11.00 General Admission

$9.00 Seniors - All Shows*

$9.00 Matinees - All Shows before 6:00pm*

$9.00 Military - W/ID - All Shows after 6:00pm*

$9.00 Student W/ID - All Shows after 6:00pm*

$11.00 Adults

*You must request these prices at time of purchase.

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard & American Express - Sorry, no checks.

Advance tickets are available online only. Tickets may be picked up 30 minutes before showtime.


We are located in downtown Asheville, NC at
36 Biltmore Avenue next to Blue Spiral 1.

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